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Thorough Vehicle State Inspections

Ensure your vehicle is safe to drive according to PennDOT standards and bring it to Village Autobody Of Union Deposit LLC in Hershey, Pennsylvania, for vehicle state inspections. Backed by more than nine decades of experience, our experts check every component of your automobile to ensure it's in top performing condition.
Man Inspecting Brakes - Vehicle State Inspections

Inspecting Your Vehicle

Don't get caught driving a vehicle without an up-to-date inspection sticker. Instead, bring it to our shop for routine vehicle state inspections to ensure your ride complies with PennDOT's safety standards.
We Inspect:
• Brakes
• Body
• Fuel System
• Chassis
• Defrost Mechanisms
• Electrical Components
• Exhaust System
Contact us to schedule a routine vehicle state inspection to ensure your vehicle complies with safety standards.